About Trends and Roles Blog

This blog is created as part of the PIPD Program to bring together theoretical and practical resources for facilitating learning for adults.

I am a Vancouver-based lawyer working in-house for a trade union. As part of my work, I facilitate courses for community members, union activists, and union staff in workplace advocacy, mediation, labour law and privacy. It is my hope that the PIPD Program will enhance my facilitation skills, and lead to better learning experiences for my students.


Using a web-based communication tool was a relatively novel experience for a group learning project. Using the technology enhanced my confidence in experimenting with technology in my work, and in the classroom.

In having the face-to face, albeit online, communication, I learned that my partner was interested in technology-based learning. I was interested in motivating adults involved in “non-voluntary” professional development. Our range of interests is reflected in our topic: making online learning accessible and relevant to adult learners in different age groups.

Through working with my partner, and constructing this blog in PIPD 3100, I recognize that one of the trends in education is the use of technology. Some learners are significantly less comfortable with technology, creating a significant barrier for learning. However, as an instructor, I think it is possible to use technology to make learning more relevant. As well, like the experience of constructing this blog, it is possible to make the use of technology more relevant to older learners.


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